Toxic Positivity

Toxic Positivity This past month saw the dreaded return of a national lockdown. Dreaded not just because of the loss of freedoms it represents, but also its morbid reminder of the ongoing threat of an international pandemic. To be fearful, disappointed, or frustrated with these developments is a natural reaction and to be honest, I’m … Read more

Jackson’s Blog

Talking through our problems. I’m Jackson and I’m a Primary Champion in Year 6 at Paulton Junior School. At PJS our teachers support us by encouraging us to talk through our problems and making sure they are resolved. Teachers also plan lessons to teach us about mental health and wellbeing and where we can go … Read more

Finn’s Blog

Where the Magic happens… I’m Finn and I’m in year 5 at Swainswick Primary School and I’m a Primary Champion for Boys in Mind. I’m writing about what the staff at my school do to support the children and help us feel happy and safe. My school is a place where magic happens and I’m … Read more

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