A message to young men

On the 30th of April 2020 Lewis, a young man from Northern Ireland, took his own life. He was 17 years old.

 In response to hearing this news Henry Bullock, a Youth Advisor for Boys in Mind, wrote some words about what it’s like to be a young man in the 21st-century. Inspired by these words Andrew Hassenruck made a film called ‘A message to young men’ sourcing some beautiful footage filmed by different camera people around the world.

 It may be called a message to young men but in reality it’s a message to us all to actually remember what’s important for men growing up. 

 Lewis’s family and friends sponsored this film and have raised over £9000 for Boys in Mind so that out of their tragedy some good may come and hopefully the film can make a difference to the lives of young men.

In April 2020 Lewis, 17, took his own life. Because of Lockdown there could be no funeral so his family raised money for a UK charity called Boys in Mind. This film was made encouraging a different expression of masculinity.

A message to young men.

Strength comes in so many forms: physical, emotional, mental, social. 

We all have a unique and individual way of recognising our own strengths. 

What makes us who we are is wonderfully ours.  

It cannot be compared to our father’s, uncle’s, brother’s or cousin’s. 

It is our strength and, by making efforts to connect with our most vulnerable strength, our emotional strength, we can go on to reinforce and encourage the growth of ourselves. 

A society grows through diversity, and we as young men should hold our heads high in the knowledge that, by allowing ourselves to confront issues regarding our mental health, we are stepping away from an oppressive and ignorant mindset, and ensuring the future empowerment of other young people. 

We make these attitude changes not only for ourselves, but to benefit everyone in society. 

Be proud.  Be hopeful.  Be assertive. Be  respectful. 

Enjoy the things that make YOU a man, and do not tolerate any suggestion that we must all behave in a certain way to fit the male stereotype. 


Words by – Henry Bullock    Youth Advisor, Boys in Mind,May 2020

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