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Getting Through This Together...

During lockdown we have been getting children and young people to tell us how they’ve been keeping physically and mentally healthy . We’ve made 22 films to date, involving 21 young people (and one dog) between the ages of 3 and 21.  Our films have been viewed over 16,500 times.

Finn, Eva and their parents Astral and Neil

Finn and Eva and their parents have made two films for Getting Through This Together. Here they talk about what they’ve enjoyed , what they’ve learned and the impact of the project on them as a family . 

Why do you think the film project is important?

Eva – To help people get through lockdown by sending out tips for young people from young people. We think the same so we can all relate to each other.

Finn – It’s helping people to stay positive and hopefully to stay happy.

What did you enjoy about making the films?

Eva  :  Being able to think about our ideas and plan. I’ve learned new skills like trying to make it look natural and I liked being with my brother.

Finn  :  It’s made me be with my family more often. It’s made my sister more confident and I’m more confident too.

What message did you want to send out?

Eva  :  Coronavirus shouldn’t be scary and never give up and have hope.

Finn  :  We’re a team. We can do this together.

Astral and Neil (Finn and Eva’s parents)

It was great for them to have a project to work on together and they seemed to get a lot out of the process :  planning what they wanted to say, writing it down and rehearsing. It’s helped to keep them positive and to see what they are capable of.

BiM Facebook video page

The process helped the children to learn to listen to each other more and to encourage each other. Finn was especially supportive of Eva when she initially didn’t feel confident enough to take part. They’ve definitely grown in confidence and it has been lovely for all of us to play a part in the second film and appreciate how lucky we are to have this time together. 

The biggest learning curve for the children was understanding that ,when another shot was needed because of sound not being right or angles wrong etc, this  is not a criticism of what they have done, but a way in which it could be made even better. I think this has helped them grow in resilience and see this editing as a necessary part of the process. We had lots of laughs along the way and ended up with some amusing out-takes filled with lots of giggling. We are very proud of the children and grateful for the opportunity to be part of this exciting project.

Click here to watch the films on our website or click here to go to our Facebook video page.

April Blogs

Sarah and Blake

Sarah writes about her trip  along the west coast of New Zealand’s south Island. During her travels she meets Blake, an inspiring young man who discusses his own adventures.

Aaron writes about how having routine and using spare time to focus on his passion has helped him to cope with this uncertain time.

To find out more and read the full blogs click here to go to our Blogs page.

A Solution Focused Approach To The Lockdown

For an extended #GettingThroughThisTogether video, Tara teamed up with Alex, Will, Kirsty, Nadia and Asha (Year 13 students at Beechen Cliff and Ralph Allen) to discuss the challenges that this lockdown has presented and how the group are finding ways to cope with them. They talk about the importance of a routine, exercise, and staying connected with friends and family as well as personal creative projects that they have been doing to enjoy themselves.

You can view the film in full below.

April Q & A - Phil Walters

Phil Walters from"Off The Record"

In the latest edition of our Men Who Care Q&A series, we (remotely) chatted to Phil Walters, the Director of Off The Record. He told us how they are evolving to meet the challenges of the lockdown, and how they involve service users in every aspect of the organisation as they seek to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people in B&NES and beyond.

BiM On Radio Bristol

Our Getting Through This Together campaign garnered some media attention when BIM youth advisors, Eli and Gabe, were interviewed by Ali Vowles on her Saturday Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Bristol. Despite the early hour, our youth advisors were excellent advocates for both the campaign and Boys In Mind! It was a great opportunity to spread the word about our work to a new audience. You can listen to the interview here, just click below.

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