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Meet our Boys in Mind Trustees

We are delighted to introduce you to our seven trustees, all ardent supporters of Boys in Mind and of our Vision, Mission and Values. They will bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, experience  and expertise to our organisation and will do a great job in overseeing our work and acting as “critical friends”.

Astral Blanchard

I have been teaching for 15 years and for the past 7 years I have been PSHE Lead. I am passionate about raising awareness of mental health and equipping children with the skills they need to navigate this ever-changing world. I completed a Level 6 qualification in PSHE in 2015 and more recently, I have trained in both paws.b and dots mindfulness curriculums through the Mindfulness in Schools Project and qualified as a Rainbow Kids yoga teacher. I have also completed Cache qualifications in Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Behaviour that Challenges.   I am honoured to become a trustee for Boys in Mind, Girls Mind Too. Their youth-led approach is unique and admirable and I am excited to play a part in the next phase of their work within schools, particularly at a Primary level and their future as a registered charity.  Exercise and mindfulness are an important aspect of my own wellbeing. I enjoy running, bootcamp, Animal Flow and yoga and practice mindfulness regularly. Family walks in the countryside or by the sea, spending time with my friends, going to the theatre and drinking good coffee also make me happy. 

Viv Crouch

I have been involved with young people for the majority of my working life, I was a youth worker for a number of years and I am sill working as a school nurse specialising in young people’s sexual health. I lived in a therapeutic community in the 1970s/80s living with people with a whole range of mental health issues and where I began to acknowledge and recognise the importance of talking and communicating being so vital to one’s well-being. It was whilst living in the community that 3 people took their own lives and made me want to make a difference to the people around me. I feel that it is a privilege to have been asked! I have taken a keen interest in BiM since its conception and I believe that it is as a trustee I will be able to help forge a way forward for the vital role that young people themselves play in supporting each other. I believe that it is a unique service with young people steering at the helm. I am not very good with my own well-being but I am trying harder! I walked a lot before Mick (my husband had his stroke) but that is much more difficult now, Church is a vital part of my life and it is a place that helps me to stay in touch with my feelings

Jamie Luck

I've worked with children and young people for over twenty years - exploring the arts, mentoring, nature and cultural heritage as tools to help young people realise their potential. My favourite work has taken a specific focus on supporting young people facing significant challenges. I'm currently Children and Young People Engagement Lead for the National Trust, so particularly interested in the benefits of nature access to support mental health.  I've experienced anxiety and depression from childhood, so feel a personal connection with this cause. As a parent to three I see the increased pressures young people face, and keen to play my part in making these complex times a little easier. I support my wellbeing through transcendental meditation (twice daily), running, yoga, walks in nature, time with my children, creative writing, and honest conversation with good friends

David Moxham

I’m a chartered accountant with 25 years experience in client facing corporate finance roles, working with individuals and companies to find solutions to complex financing situations. Kate asked me and it took about 2 seconds to say “yes of course, I’d be delighted to”! Why? A number of reasons but partly that my partner and I have 7 children between us so we’ve experienced some of the issues that boys in particular face as they grow, and partly because we’ve been through some challenging times and having people to talk to helped us massively. Hence the opportunity to give back in some way and help change lives was an easy one to grab. I can find myself working pretty long hours in a fairly stressful role but I try to get away from the screen and desk, keep active and get outside as much as possible. In addition I think it’s important to do something different and keep learning so I’ve started Spanish classes which I’m really enjoying. Finally … a glass of wine and a good evening with friends always helps my well-being.

Marvin Richardson-Grubb

I am an ex soldier, who is currently a SENDCO ,Leader and teacher at The Mendip Studio School.  I am a Jamaican, Sicilian and English mix. I agreed to be a trustee because I am passionate about helping people and making the world a better place. BIM encompassses everything I believe in about how humanity can improve and above all help each other. For my own wellbeing I like to spend time with family, friends and above all my two dogs. Sharing my thoughts and feelings is what also keeps me feeling well - I always feel better after talking to someone who cares.

Jon Wilson

I have spent most of my career working as both a teacher, working primarily with young people with additional needs; then as a sexual health worker, delivering clinics and education in schools directly with young people, and training to other professionals and organisations. I moved away from education and sexual health a few years ago when I started my own business, as a builder! I’ve missed aspects of working with young people and other like minded professionals. Becoming a trustee offers the opportunity to contribute to an organisation that shares and promotes the values I care about.  I regularly swim outdoors and indulge in a sauna. I love to spend time with my partner, our daughter and our pals. I take a day off work each week (mostly) to potter around the house cleaning and doing odd jobs, it gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction! I also love reading  books & listening to the radio in bed.

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