Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Our latest film – Black Lives Matter – explores the racism and trauma experienced and observed by five young people from the Bath & North East Somerset area . They discuss recent events, in particular the murder of George Floyd, the lasting effects of racism, the importance of the BLM movement and what they feel needs to happen in the future, including in schools and any work environment.

Issues which could be explored in schools / other settings :-

  • How have people reacted to the George Floyd killing / BLM movement ?
  • What racist incidents have people encountered / observed / experienced ? How did these make people feel ?
  • How should people react to such incidents ?
  • What are the difficulties of being BAME in a predominantly white community ?
  • The lasting effects of racism
  • The need for education about the history of racism
  • How do we campaign against it?
  • Have people experienced / encountered any positive challenges to racism?

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