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Emma & Maddie’s blog

Emma & Maddie’s Blog As young women, we have grown up alongside boys struggling in a society filled with unrealistic, harmful ideals of what it means to be a man. Mental health issues in young people is a growing problem in our society, but why is the situation so much worse for men? Why

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Wil’s Blog

Wil’s Blog At the time of writing this I am 17 years old and roughly half-way through my second year of sixth-form. Earlier this year, just before the summer holidays, I entered an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship that lasted 4 months. At the time, I was oblivious as to what was happening, but

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Levi from Boys in Mind

Levi’s blog

Self compassion I’ve had a very hard time starting this blog. I’ve written and rewritten the opening paragraph maybe half a dozen times now, and nothing seems to come across right. We’ve all stared blankly at a screen or page wondering where to start, or how to continue, or even just how to finish

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Michael’s blog

Managing my mental health as a man in the 21st century If you told me five years ago that I’d be sitting here, writing for a charity like Boys in Mind about my mental health I would have laughed at you. Not because I thought mental health was unimportant. I was just ignorant to

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Henry from Boys in Mind

Henry’s blog

Henry’s blog The Pit So this is a chance to reflect a little. I am an autistic man, currently living in supported accommodation. At the time I write this I’m feeling good. As I type a sense of relief slowly makes itself present ;  every word contains a measure of my stress and anxiety.

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Gabe’s blog

Gabe’s blog My first year of sixth form was a rough year for me – my low mental health was triggered by a traumatic incident in which I had a knife pulled me on my way home from school in a case of mistaken identity. Following the incident, I felt a kind of vulnerability

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