Jackson’s Blog

Talking through our problems. I’m Jackson and I’m a Primary Champion in Year 6 at Paulton Junior School. At PJS our teachers support us by encouraging us to talk through our problems and making sure they are resolved. Teachers also plan lessons to teach us about mental health and wellbeing and where we can go … Read more

Levi’s gaming blog

Levi from Boys in Mind

Levi’s Blog – Gaming and Mental Health  In a post Covid-19 world, we’ve all had to adjust to slightly altered social routines. After a few months of lockdown, even we introverts are starting to miss quality time with friends and family. With everyone seeking alternative ways to connect, services such as Facetime, WhatsApp and in … Read more

Levi’s blog

Levi from Boys in Mind

Self compassion I’ve had a very hard time starting this blog. I’ve written and rewritten the opening paragraph maybe half a dozen times now, and nothing seems to come across right. We’ve all stared blankly at a screen or page wondering where to start, or how to continue, or even just how to finish off … Read more

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