Lucia’s Blog

Mum, why can’t I be like the other pretty girls?  Afro hair in a white society  In today’s society we are obsessed with the media’s beauty ideals and we are driven to compete with our peers to have the best skin, longest hair and prettiest faces.  From a young age the idea that my hair … Read more

Eli’s blog

Eli’s blog April 21st 2018 was the without question one of the hardest days in my life. Losing a very close friend who was more like a brother, Charlie was just seventeen years old. I was out in a club with Charlie laughing, dancing and just having a great time all round. I woke up … Read more

Wil’s Blog

Wil’s Blog At the time of writing this I am 17 years old and roughly half-way through my second year of sixth-form. Earlier this year, just before the summer holidays, I entered an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship that lasted 4 months. At the time, I was oblivious as to what was happening, but the … Read more

Levi’s blog

Levi from Boys in Mind

Self compassion I’ve had a very hard time starting this blog. I’ve written and rewritten the opening paragraph maybe half a dozen times now, and nothing seems to come across right. We’ve all stared blankly at a screen or page wondering where to start, or how to continue, or even just how to finish off … Read more

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