Finn’s Blog

Where the Magic happens… I’m Finn and I’m in year 5 at Swainswick Primary School and I’m a Primary Champion for Boys in Mind. I’m writing about what the staff at my school do to support the children and help us feel happy and safe. My school is a place where magic happens and I’m … Read more

Will’s Blog

Music and it’s therapeutic effects on my life My name is Will Reed and I’m a Youth Advisor for Boys in Mind. I lost my mum to cancer around the start of GCSEs and came out as gay not long after, (a pretty brief summary of events) and there were many times where I was … Read more

Tara’s blog

Hope and altruism in 2020 Scientists say they have proved that doing good things for no personal gain can have an evolutionary advantage in the long run. Whether or not these findings are true, I have certainly become more aware of an increase in selflessness and genuine concern for the wellbeing of others in our … Read more

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