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Boys in Mind works in partnership with children, young people and professionals in a range of settings to promote good mental health and prevent suicide, particularly among boys and young men. Our work is guided by our 3 P’s – Prevent, Promote and Participate

  • Prevent  – Preventing suicide
  • Promote  – Promoting positive mental health and positive images of boys and men
  • Participate  – Encouraging active participation of children and young people

We strongly believe that

No one should feel ashamed of: –

  • Talking about their feelings
  • Asking for help when they’re feeling down or struggling
  • Being honest
  • Being themselves

However, despite much work to challenge the stigma around mental health, many boys and young men are still unwilling and unable to open up about their difficulties and get help. They suffer in silence and tragically some go on to take their lives.

Who we are and what we do

Boys in Mind Youth Advisors and Primary Champions talk about our work , our approach and its impact

Our aims and principles

We believe that by understanding and addressing the particular barriers boys and young men face and challenging unhelpful notions of what it means to be a man we can begin to improve male mental health and ultimately reduce male suicide rates.

We aim to reduce the stigma and isolation which often exists for boys and young men, enabling them to:

  • Talk about problems when they arise and ask for support when they need it
  • Know that other boys and young men share similar challenges and feelings
  • Care about themselves and each other and be able to demonstrate this
  • Show emotion and cry when they need to
  • Explore and challenge unhelpful, inaccurate and misleading stereotypes about what it is to be a man

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