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The power of film

Our Boys in Mind film projects enable young people to be heard and also enables those who are filming to listen. Often we can’t or don’t need to provide advice or solutions but just listen and the camera is a great way of observing and recording without interfering.  

Composite film

Our composite film includes a selection of extracts from the Boys in Mind film project. See below to watch the full versions…  

Primary School

What parents do well to support their children

A group of children from Paulton School near Bath talk to family members about difficult times, and how both children and adults can be helped to get through them.

Back to school

After the Coronavirus Pandemic children are heading back to school. In this film a group of Primary School girls and boys share their feelings, hopes and concerns.

The Importance of Friendship

St Michael’s Junior Church School pupils and staff have made a film about the importance of friendship, exploring how boys and girls (and male and female staff) support each other .

Cameley Legends

A  group of year 6 boys at Cameley School decided to design and lead a series of events that would benefit themselves  their school andtheir  community.

Outdoor play

Pupils from Paulton Junior School talk about the impact of outdoor play on boys.

What does it mean to be a boy?

Daniel, Josh and Finn talk about being a boy, dealing with bullying and where they go to get support when they are feeling down.

Secondary School

What helps?

Students and staff at Ralph Allen School talk about what gets them stressed and who or what  helps.

Boys don't cry

Gabe and Alex talk about how hard it is for boys to cry and to show their vulnerability.

Girls in Mind

Girls from different schools and settings discuss gender stereotypes, how it’s easier for girls to get help with mental health issues, and how girls and boys can support each other.

Schools care

Manny and Isaac talk about the emotional support they have had from their secondary school, Ralph Allen, in Bath.

It's good to talk

Gabe talks about an assembly at Beechen Cliff school, Bath, where they shared personal testimonies of both teachers and pupils talking about their struggles with low mental health. Alex talks about the changes within the school where it is now ok to talk.

Individual Stories

Eli - Black Lives Matter

Our latest film – Black Lives Matter – explores the racism and trauma experienced and observed by five young people from the Bath & North East Somerset area . They discuss recent events, in particular the murder of George Floyd, the lasting effects of racism, the importance of the BLM movement and what they feel needs to happen in the future, including in schools and any work environment.

Otto's story

Otto’s father took his own life when Otto was young and his mum died 5 years later. Through the support of friends, family and professionals he has overcome some really tough times and continues to be a popular and empathetic young man.

Eli's story

Eli talks about the effect on him and his friends when their good friend Charlie took his life in the last year of secondary school.

Finding the courage to speak

Gabe and Alex discuss the difficulty of being able to share their experiences and struggles with others and how talking about them can help.


Henry was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as a teenager. He talks about how he copes and what helps when he’s struggling.


Hamish talks about the importance of getting help from friends and professionals

School Resources

A headteacher's view

Matt Grosvenor, Headteacher of Paulton Junior School, talks about outdoor play and learning and how it’s helped the school to be rated “Outstanding” by OFSTED

A PSHE lead's view

Jo Chapman, PSHE & Outdoor Learning Lead at Paulton Junior School, talks about the benefits of outdoor play on learning.

Manny & Isaac

Isaac’s brother took his own life at the age of 19. Isaac and his friend Manny talk about getting support from school, family and friends and how gender can influence the support people receive.

Men who Care


Wayne, a therapist, talks about how, for his father, moving to the UK in the 1950’s was a duty to the ‘father country’. For Wayne living in the UK now, it’s a different story.

Dr. Jay Stewart

Dr Jay Stewart, CEO Gendered Intelligence, talks about the acceptance of his daughters and the importance of sharing his experience of being a trans man.


Dr. Jay Stewart, CEO Gendered Intelligence, talks about being a Trans man and his journey to find ‘his people’.  


Jon reflects on the experience of becoming a parent for the first time.



Andy has been fostering with his wife for over 10 years.  This film is about some of the reasons why he does it.


Iain and his partner have been fostering for nearly 10 years.  They have  two long term children who will be with them until they leave home.


Andrew has been fostering with his partner Iain for nearly 10 years.  Sometimes the two boys they have can be difficult but it is still rewarding.


Richard and his wife have been fostering since the 1970’s and have looked after over 100 children.  Now in his 70’s he still finds that the young people  keep him feeling young


Tanners Walk - A Community To Be Proud Of

The residents of Tanners Walk in Twerton, Bath, have made this film themselves about what makes their community special and the people who support them to make their street a happy place for families and children to live.

A mother's story

Charlie, a close friend of Joan’s son Eli, took his own life in April 2018. He was 17. Joan talks about the effects of Charlie’s suicide on her and Eli and the support she gave her son.


Coast to Coast

In October 2019, 26 students from Beechen Cliff School took on the Devon Coast Cycle Challenge to raise money for Boys in Mind, here’s their journey. 

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