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The Power of Film

Our Boys in Mind film projects enable young people to be heard and also enables those who are filming to listen. Often we can’t or don’t need to provide advice or solutions but just listen and the camera is a great way of observing and recording without interfering.  


A short animated film created by young people to highlight how JIGSAW – Joy, Inclusion, Giving, Sleep, Active, Wow, can actively help promote a healthy sense of wellbeing in children.

About Boys in Mind

Who we are and what we do

Boys in Mind Youth Advisors and Primary Champions talk about our work , our approach and its impact.

What we do

Youth Advisors and Mental Health Ambassadors talk about their work for Boys in Mind. We are looking for more young people to get involved.

Primary School Films

These films were made by primary school children and are for use in primary schools.

Massage at Welton School

Year 3 children at Welton School learn how to give and receive massage. They discover how it can help them and their friends relax and feel calm, and also how important it is to ask permission beforehand and to thank their partner afterwards. This encourages them to learn about respect and consent.

How To Start A Conversation

Finn, Jackson and William talk to their dads / step-dads about how to start a conversation when you need some help or when you notice a friend in need.

Combe Down Project Soothe

The children of Combe Down primary school took part in Project Soothe by choosing photographs they had taken which made them feel calm and happy.

Cameley does CLANGERS

The children at Cameley school talk about improving their mental and physical health using the acronym CLANGERS – Connect. Learn. be Active, Notice, Give Back, Eat well, Relax and Sleep.

Mindfulness - St. Stephen's School

The children at St. Stephen’s Primary School all learn Mindfulness. It teaches them to focus on the present helping them self-regulate, build self awareness and self-esteem. This film shows how Mindfulness makes them feel and helps in their everyday lives.

Happy and Calm Children at Twerton Infants School

A group of children talk about two of the things that help them feel happy and calm at School – the outdoor Forest School and the Thrive Programme.

The Importance of Friendship

St Michael’s Junior Church School pupils and staff have made a film about the importance of friendship, exploring how boys and girls (and male and female staff) support each other .

Secondary School Films

These films are made by secondary school students covering subjects which are applicable for those at secondary school.

Equality at Beechen Cliff School

Pupils and teachers at Beechen Cliff School talk about the importance of equality, and the Pledge of Respect that they have all signed.

In Memory of Carl

In May 2020, a week after his 16th birthday, Carl took his own life.  In this film three of his friends remember him, the effect his death had on them and the positive events that have happened in Carl’s memory.

Who Can Help?

This film was made by students from Ralph Allen School in Bath. In the film they talk about a significant male influence on their lives and the positive impact that has had on their development and mental wellbeing as young adults.

Clangers for Wellbeing

Dr. Phil Hammond says there’s good evidence that the “daily vitamins” which keep us healthy can be summarised in the acronym CLANGERS, which stands for Connect, Learn, be Active, Notice, Give, Eat well, Relax, and Sleep.  Alex, Sky and Oli talk about how they get their daily CLANGERS.

Elmfield: Boys and Mental Health

Students and staff at Elmfield School for Deaf Young People in Bristol have made a film about what to do and how to get help when they or a friend is struggling. 

What helps?

Students and staff at Ralph Allen School talk about what gets them stressed and who or what  helps.




Community & Social Justice

Children and young people have chosen subjects that they are passionate about. The subjects are varied and these films reflect what it’s like to be a young person today.

Social Media

Lucia, Otto, Alex and Eli talk about when they first started using Social Media; what they used it for when they were at school and how they use it now.  They share their positive and negative experiences and how we can ensure that Social Media is used responsibly and has a positive impact on people’s lives.

Being LGBTQ+

A group of young people talk about their experiences of coming out and living their lives as who they want to be. They also talk about finding their identity and the people who support and validate their choices.

Challenging Sexism

Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on one’s sex or gender. This film aims to discuss what young men can do to address sexism. We ask the question can a man be a feminist?

Starting a Conversation

Four young college students talk about how they have been affected by mental health issues, the things that have impacted on them and how just being able to talk to someone can have a huge impact.

Men who Care

A series of personal portraits from older men providing positive role models for young people.


Richard and his wife have been fostering since the 1970’s and have looked after over 100 children.  Now in his 70’s he still finds that the young people  keep him feeling young

Family & Friends

Personal stories of those who have been affected by the suicide of a close friend or family member, providing insights into what has helped after the young person took their life.

Eli's story

Eli talks about the effect on him and his friends when their good friend Charlie took his life in the last year of secondary school.

Otto's story

Otto’s father took his own life when Otto was young and his mum died 5 years later. Through the support of friends, family and professionals he has overcome some really tough times and continues to be a popular and empathetic young man.

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