Rainbow Food

The Food Effect

What we eat and drink affects how we feel, think and behave.

So it is important that we are all able to make sense of the relationship between mental health and diet so that we can make informed choices about promoting and maintaining good mental health.

In Rainbow Food, our lively gang of young cooks share some of their delicious rainbow recipes; a selection of quick and easy low-cost meals that use a variety of colourful ingredients to create tasty and nutritious meals. We hope the film and accompanying activities will inspire and encourage other children to experiment with new tastes and textures while making the connection between the food we eat and our physical and emotional wellbeing.

As well as being great fun, cooking is a great communal activity and teaches skills for life*. Fancy giving it a go? Just click below to download all of the recipes from our film. You can also download fun activity cards designed to help children to learn as they play along with teachers notes and free resources for schools. We hope you enjoy them and Bon appetit!

*Please note: Small children should be supervised when using any sharp kitchen utensils

Fun Rainbow Food activities

Learning about food can be fun as well as tasty and the Rainbow Food film project is not only about teaching children that cooking can be fun. It also aims to promote a wider understanding about our food and where it comes from.

We’ve put together some great activities that you can download for FREE to do with children (and adults) at home or in the classroom. 

There are six activities that include taste testing, memory games, colouring and painting and lots more fun activities. Also included as a free download are notes for teachers (or parents) with guidance notes and some top tips as well printable worksheets and activity cards. We hope you have fun..!

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