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I’m Finn and I’m in year 5 at Swainswick Primary School and I’m a Primary Champion for Boys in Mind. I’m writing about what the staff at my school do to support the children and help us feel happy and safe.

My school is a place where magic happens and I’m going to tell you how.

Our staff always notice if something is wrong and they help us to feel better by talking things through. They make sure everyone has a voice.

If we need a place to calm down, our school has lots of opportunities and safe spaces. Mr Swarbrooke, the headteacher, even has a comfortable chair in his room, which he tells children is always free if they need it. I’ve even been told that he uses essential oils to help the children calm down until they are ready to talk.

We make the most of our beautiful outdoor space and we sometimes even do our maths there. We try to help the environment as much as we can whilst we are doing this.

The teachers keep us active and we do daily HiiT training too.

We are given responsibilities such as being Y6 Leaders or Buddies for the younger children, and this gives us skills that will help us for life. Our teachers help us use Growth Mindset so that we are more positive about life.

The classes are mixed in age and this helps us to socialise with lots of other year groups and learn from them.

We have lots of fun together. We do lots of art and music and our teachers celebrate our interests, ideas and what we like to do.



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