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Talking through our problems.

I’m Jackson and I’m a Primary Champion in Year 6 at Paulton Junior School.

At PJS our teachers support us by encouraging us to talk through our problems and making sure they are resolved. Teachers also plan lessons to teach us about mental health and wellbeing and where we can go for support, such as Childline. Our teachers make us feel safe

When we do good things or try hard, we are rewarded for our efforts.

Teaching Assistants and School Meals Supervisory Assistants also take time to help us and talk to us. Everyone tries to make sure we have really good relationships and learn from our mistakes.

We have a Playscape where we can take risks. It makes us feel brave and confident and gives us a calm space where we can be imaginative. We all use it as often as we can.

Our headteacher supports us by encouraging us to be our best and find the thing that we are good at. I think that’s why we have so many clubs that we can join. 


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