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A Message to Young Men

A Message to Young Men is the latest addition to our growing film archive from film-maker Andrew Hassenruck.

The film is a response to a recent tragedy in which Lewis, a young man from Northern Ireland, took his own life earlier this year. He was only 17 years old. The film uses the words of one of our youth advisors Henry Bullock who wrote them in response to hearing about Lewis’s death. It is narrated by Carrington Peacocke, one of Lewis’s closest friends. Andrew has been able to combine the spoken work with a range of shots from all over the world to produce a powerful and thought provoking film.

“A Message to Young Men” highlights the fact that real strength takes many forms and boys and young men can show their strength in positive and life-affirming ways.

You can watch the film now by clicking on to this link. 

A message to young men. Now available to view on our Films page.

Northern Ireland Project Update

Over the last few weeks, we have made quite a lot of progress with our  Northern Ireland project. Lewis’s cousin Matthew and two of Lewis’s friends – Carrington and Danny – have agreed to be Youth Advisors for Boys in Mind so they will be advising us on the best way forward.

Lewis tragically took his own life earlier this year.

A Message to Young Men”,  featured above , will be used along with other films as part of our work with schools and other settings in Northern Ireland and beyond. It is a beautiful film with a message to us all and it encapsulates our Boys in Mind vision.

We have almost completed a film with one of our lead schools , Beechen Cliff , exemplifying a whole school approach to becoming a mentally healthy school.  The film contains clips of students , staff and parents at the school , as well as members of the Boys in Mind Team and external agencies .

Matthew is going to make a film with other young men in Belfast who knew Lewis.

When the films are complete, we will link with a school/schools in Belfast to champion our whole school approach. All three of these films are being funded through the generous donations of Lewis’s family and friends.

Finn's 15 Minute Challenge

Finn, keeping active during lockdown

Finn is 9 years old and is a pupil at St Stephen’s in Bath. He has done lots of work for the Boys in Mind Team:  making films for our original film project and our Getting Through This Together project, helping plan and deliver the conference last July and even doing some fund-raising. It is Finn’s idea to introduce  a challenge each month – something to keep us physically and mentally healthy. Here is his first one.

“I’m Finn, I’ve been working with Boys in Mind for 2 years. Each month I’m going to set a challenge for everyone. My challenge for July is:

To do at least 15 minutes of sport outside every day. This could be a walk, run, cycle, skate,  anything – be creative.

I hope you can do it and that you enjoy the challenge and look forward to seeing you again next month.”

Back to School Update - Same but Different

As some children start returning to schools, we are gathering stories from young people about how they feel about this latest change.

For some children seeing friends again is a real motivator, as is a sense of a ’normal’ routine – though they know school will be different.

We hope our Getting Back to School film will help support children who might feel anxious at this time, and remind them of the resilience they have been building over the past weeks in lockdown.

We are currently working on a film for primary age students, which will be ready to share at the beginning of July

June Q & A - Rob Black

Rob Black, Bath Spa University

In the latest edition of Boys In Mind Meets, we had a fascinating conversation with Rob Black, the Mental Health Team Leader at Bath Spa University. He told us how his team has responded to lockdown challenges by exploring virtual therapy which has allowed them to expand their services to a wider range of students. We also discussed how he discovered (and initially didn’t like!) Solution Focused practice, how he uses a Solution Focused approach in the mental health services available to students, and what message he would send to his younger self. Click here to read the full article.

BiM - In the News Again

The Boys In Mind/Girls Mind Too Northern Ireland project caught the attention of the Daily Telegraph who interviewed Ian McCracken for an article published on Saturday the 12th of June.
Ian’s son, Lewis, tragically took his own life during the COVID-19 lockdown. In the article, Ian discussed the impact that being stuck at home had on his son and how he now hopes to work with Boys In Mind to raise awareness of young people’s mental health.
The feature also included some lockdown mental health advice from Young Minds. To read the article click here:

June Blog/ Interview - Getting Through This Together

BiM’s Kate Murphy

Kate , our Co-ordinator , was interviewed during Lockdown for the Local Look, a publication in her local area, Larkhall in Bath. She talks about why and how Boys in Mind was set up, the composition of the team and emphasises the leadership of children and young people in every aspect of the organisation’s work. Film projects are a vital ingredient of Boys in Mind’s approach and a great way of engaging young people, particularly boys, who learn new skills and feel empowered by telling their stories and being heard. She also describes the Lockdown film project “Getting Through This Together”, in which children and young people have been making short films giving advice and tips to their peers about keeping physically and mentally healthy.


Black Lives Matter

Protests are taking place around the world to end racism.

As a result of recent events Boys in Mind will be taking a closer look at some of the issues surrounding racism  and its impact on young people of colour .. BiM Youth Advisor Eli is in the process of producing a film that looks at these areas through personal perspectives. He told us  “I want this film to be a real insight into what life is like for ethnic minorities in Bath. To get perspectives from BAME young people about living in predominantly white areas and their experience of and dealing with discrimination. I also want to look at the impact racism has on our mental health and how we have all experienced it once  in our lives no matter how subtle it may be. After the recent protests in the UK I think a lot of young people are questioning why so much crucial history we should all know doesn’t get covered in our current education curriculum. “

Eli’s film is currently in production and will be available in the next couple of months on this website

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