Getting Through This Together

Kate Murphy and Boys in Mind

Kate Murphy came to Bath in 1976, and lives with her partner Mike in Lower Camden. Local Look chatted to Kate about what she’s doing in lockdown and about the charitable organisation  Boys in Mind which she set up  3 years ago with colleagues from Public Health and CAMHS

Initally Kate worked as a languages teacher before becoming  Personal Social and Health Education Lead for B&NES. Her experience in schools working with young people led her and two of her colleagues to set up  Boys in Mind, which  focuses specifically on the mental health and wellbeing of boys and young men, aiming to reduce stigma , challenge stereotypes and ultimately reduce suicide.  “A steering group was initally set up made up  mainly of local men working in services for young people” she told us. Now the team is 24 strong and is  a broad alliance of  education and health professionals  working alongside youth advisors. The 8 youth advisors  -6 young men, one young woman and one non binary member-   are given equal status within the team . Kate told me how Boys in Mind is genuinely co-led by the youth members. “Young people know what they want and what works best for other young people “. Before lockdown Boys in Mind worked with local primary and secondary schools and youth settings, developing film projects  with children and  young people related to the aims of the organisation.  The young people are involved in all aspects of the project  and receive support and training from the Boys in Mind Team , which also includes 2 experienced  professional film-makers . When the film is ready there is a red carpet event to celebrate the completed project and all involved get to share their positive experiences. “Being part of making a film from start to finish develops confidence and team working skills and gives young people a sense of purpose and belonging” says Kate.

Kate is aware of the challenges  that young people are facing during lockdown and told me that Boys in Mind has been making short films from amazing footage and photos  sent in by young people , sharing what they are doing to keep mentally and physically healthy . The Youth Advisors have  called the lockdown project, “Getting Through This Together”. The short  films, which are just 1 or 2 minutes long,   include ideas on keeping fit, cooking and ways to be creative. So far “Getting Through This Together” has made 30  films involving  children and young people aged from 3 years to 21 years. Kate told me that these inspiring films have been very popular receiving  to date over 20,000 views via  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  and the Boys in Mind website.

If you would like to know more about Boys in Mind or are a young person, or know a young person who would like to make  a short film to add to this project, simply contact

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BiM – Video Library

BiM – Getting Through This Together

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This blog was reproduced from an article first published in “Local Look magazine” in Bath. May 2020

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