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I have been making films for television for over 35 years. I enjoy independent film making, particularly films with a positive environmental or social justice message that can give people hope. More recently I have been making Film Portraits for individuals and organisations.

I love working with new film makers on their individual projects. Passing on knowledge from years of experience and keeping things fun is at the core of all my training.

With my partner Iain we have been foster carers since 2011 and now look after, long term, two fabulous boys of secondary school age. In 2016 I made a series of films about Foster Carers talking about their experiences.

I enjoy learning new subjects, reading, being with family and friends and looking after 3 small dogs.

Gill from Boys in Mind


(she/ her)

I have worked for Oxford Health NHS FT for the past 8 years, supporting young people who use Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire.

As Participation Lead I ensure that the views and experience of young people informs the way we work. Prior to that I worked for Off the Record, providing advocacy and participation to children and young people with mental health needs as well as children in care.

I’m passionate about young people’s mental health and about their meaningful participation both in decisions that affect their lives and in the design of services they use. I regularly support young people to deliver training and am also a Youth Mental Health First Aid trainer. 

I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, exploring some of the lovely trails around Bath on my bike and visiting unspoilt places around the British isles and further afield

Jim from Boys in Mind


(he/ him)

I’m a primary school teacher at Newbridge Primary School in Bath. I’ve been teaching for 16 sixteen years – a lot of those years as a PSHE coordinator.

I believe in and want to develop greater equality and compassion and understanding of our young people, this subject is very personal to me.

I love music and play in a few bands. I am also very passionate about growing food to eat.


(she/ her)

I was a teacher for over 20 years and then worked as PSHE Lead in Bath & North East Somerset for 18 years, where I helped schools develop E Teams ( Equalities Teams) of children and young people helping staff promote inclusion, celebrate diversity and challenge discrimination.

I love seeing young people getting involved , taking the lead and making a difference.

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, being out on my bike and spending time with family and friends.

Levi from Boys in Mind


(they/ their)

I got involved with Boys In Mind because I believe that better mental health begins by addressing the inequalities in our society. Together with my co-workers and fellow volunteers we have developed resources for schools, created videos to bring awareness to our cause and helped young people access the resources they need.

I hope that we can continue to improve services and provide healthy and helpful content in the future, with the goal of changing how we as a society view gender and mental health.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, strategy games, and cooking.


(he/ him)

At the age of 5 I was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and then with Asperger Syndrome at 10. Depression and anxiety can, in some cases, be included when considering  either of theses issues. As a young man I struggled at school and was considered a highly disruptive child. This led to a resentment for all authority and greatly affected my ability to progress academically. As a teenager I started to abuse drugs and alcohol which  led to a time of great anxiety and depression although I was unaware of it at the time. It was during this time that  I was arrested for possession of cannabis and once again found myself resenting authority. 

After many years of ups and downs, arguments and disagreements with parents and employers as well as the breakdown of a relationship, I started to analyse my mental health and reached out for help. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I finally understood that a large amount of my issues were the result of depression.

I now proudly talk about my experiences for Boys in Mind alongside a panel of other young men. This has given me the opportunity to express myself in a way I feel confident and comfortable with, about an issue currently affecting many young men.    

When I’m not working I enjoy fishing on the Bristol Channel and surfing in Devon. Both activities allow me to focus my mind and give me the chance to reflect on any issues I may currently be struggling with.  


(she/ her)

I taught Biology and PSHE in Secondary schools for 15 years, which I loved. Having always been passionate about promoting health and wellbeing in children and young people I then became the B&NES lead for the National Healthy Schools Programme (later to become the Director of Public Health Award) which I led for 11 years. I really valued working with like-minded school staff to get pupils involved in developing their own physical and mental wellbeing and giving them a voice.

I really love walking with my husband and dog, yoga and singing in a local choir. I am also a long-time and passionate supporter of Bath Rugby and you can find me at all home games (and some away ones too!).


(she/ her)

I am a documentary film-maker and I am particularly interested in allowing people who aren’t normally heard to speak for themselves. I like to capture the extraordinariness of ordinary people, and my films have covered many subjects that interest me from dancing to autism, and from adoption to what it’s like being the child of a transsexual father.

Most recently I have worked at Jamie’s Farm, a place where inner city kids get a chance to reflect, renew and determine a new path for themselves. Many have been excluded from mainstream schools and I made a weekly short film about each group during their stay – what the experience had meant to them, what they’d learnt about themselves, and what changes they’d like to make. 

I have also begun to write drama scripts and my first film has just been made by Screenology in Bristol. It’s about a young man who has been encouraged to take his own life through a social media website, and his relationship with the man who talks him down.

I have two sons, five grandchildren, and I’m crazy about them, dancing, table tennis and art.


(she/ her)

I work in the Public Health team in B&NES Council and have a remit around mental health.  Back in 2017 as  a member of the B&NES Suicide Prevention Strategy group I went to Kate Murphy and asked her if we could talk about suicide prevention for  boys and young men and wow look what happened next.  

I am really passionate about improving mental wellbeing.  We all have good days and bad days and sometimes problems can overwhelm us. I find trying to put the 5 Ways to Wellbeing (five-ways-to-wellbeing) into  my life helps keep me on an even keel. Top of my list at the moment are spending time with my two grown up children (when they are around!), plus being with friends.  I play the trumpet in the Fire Service Band which is a laugh and I do lots of walking. 


(she/ her)

I am 17 and love getting involved with Boys in Mind as they challenge stereotypes and allow young people to have confidence to talk about their journey and make them feel part of a family. I love sports, drama and music as well as being around my family and friends. It is a constant struggle for me to feel worthy and accepted but  taking time for myself out of a busy schedule and allowing my mind a break is essential and gets me through hard times along with a loving church community around me. I believe everything we go through strengthens us and allows us to become equipped to help and be there for others. 


(she/ her)

 I have been a solution focused practitioner for 9 years, having previously been a social worker. I have the absolute privilege to work with children and young people in schools, the community and in my private practice everyday.

  The solution focused approach offers a conversation of hope. It invites children and young people to notice their existing strengths and resources, to believe in themselves, and to believe that change is possible.

  I am so passionate about young people’s mental health and well-being and it is my best hope that I can share the magic of the solution focused approach and invite people to believe  in themselves, to have hope.

  I enjoy running, especially with my cocker spaniel Ozzie. I love being with my family, my husband and my two children. My family are Irish, so regular visits to Dublin and other parts are Ireland are a favourite past time! 


(he/ him)

I was in education for 33 years, a Headteacher for 15 of those with my last 11 at Combe Down Primary School. I used my geography degree to good effect by going on nearly 50 residential visits across all 5 schools I taught in which opened so many children’s eyes to a wider world. I firmly believe that physical health and mental well-being are crucial in helping to enable young people to flourish and am very pleased to be able to play a role with BiM. 

I am a Trustee of Bath based Sporting Family Change and a founder member and President of It’s in the Bag, the Testicular Cancer charity for the South West. Through my voluntary work with both of these charities I can clearly see that giving young people a platform to talk is vital, in particular boys and men. 

I am a huge sports fan being a veteran Bath Rugby (and Plymouth Argyle…) supporter and get out and about walking, running, cycling and playing cricket when I can. I love travelling too and if I can go off and explore new places then I will!


(she/ her)

I have worked with children and young people for the past 18 years initially through my role as play worker and youth leader at Bath Area Play Project. I then worked at Off the Record and, through participation work with young people, developed a Violence against Women and Girls toolkit to be used by teachers in PSHE lessons, this raising awareness of healthy relationships and recognising the early warning signs of abuse.

From there I worked as a family support worker in a women and children’s refuge. I am currently continuing my work with whole families at Bath and North East Somerset Council, providing early help support.

In addition to this I am a Supported Lodgings Provider which  involves providing accommodation and support with independence in my home for homeless young people, many of whom also suffer from low mood as a result of family breakdown or the situation they find themselves in.

Throughout my career I have supported many children and young people who have experienced poor mental health and recognise how this can have a huge negative impact on their daily life. 

Personally, I have also experienced the sad loss of my son’s friend through suicide which came as a shock to all who knew him. This highlighted for me the importance of raising awareness of mental health issues, especially in boys and young men who struggle to express their feelings even to those closest to them. As a parent I felt lost at this time and realised there isn’t a lot of support for parents who are having to cope with their children and young people going through such a difficult experience. This was when I wanted to be involved in the BIM team and offer my experience and support to parents and carers.

When I am not supporting others through my job roles, I enjoy reading and yoga.  I also enjoy spending time with my family.  I love relaxing holidays so I too get some down time and look after my own well-being.


(she/ her)

I have worked in the public health and social research field for well over 20 years and have held a number of specialist roles including refugee and migrant health, sexual health and mental health and emotional wellbeing. I have developed a particular interest in the health of children and young people and most recently was the Children and Young People’s Health Improvement lead for a local authority .  I love working with young people and with passionate, interesting and creative colleagues  who are enthusiastic about working together to improve outcomes for young people. 

 In my spare time I enjoy travel, adventure, a good walk, yoga, films and chilling with friends and family. I am delighted to be joining the team as the ‘Girls Mind Too’ lead and look forward to the journey as well as the destination! 


(he/ him)

I am the Communications Officer for Boys In Mind/Girls Mind Too which means that I do a wide range of jobs to support the team. These include looking after our social media accounts, designing documents and images, writing news stories for our website, and lots more.

Prior to BIM, I worked in higher education in student support and Widening Participation. These roles meant that I worked with a variety of community groups, schools, and students. These experiences frequently highlight many of the challenges facing young people which is why I am so proud to be involved with Boys In Mind.


(he/ him)

My background is in publishing, media and marketing and I spent many years in the magazine publishing industry before moving into digital publishing. My role in the team is to manage the website and provide digital support and I am delighted to be part of the team. I feel very strongly about the Boys in Mind strategy and the need to support young people, particularly boys, in dealing with mental health issues by addressing some of the social stigmas attached to seeking help.

As a parent to two grown up sons, I have seen first hand how some young men can struggle alone for years before before asking for help and so I understand how important it is to find ways to encourage young people to reach out and get the help they need.

Outside of work I like to keep active, playing tennis whenever and doing lots of diy but I also enjoy spending time with my family.


(she/ her)

I have worked in the arts for 30 years with performers, artists, craftspeople, filmmakers and have brought this focus to my work in schools over the 15 years. Since having children I have worked in both primary and secondary education and have been a governor in a secondary school for the last 8 years. I am co-founder and designer of Parent Circle, a parent-led, support group for parents and carers, which has been running at Ralph Allen School in Bath since 2012.  Alongside this, I deliver facilitation training for people who work with groups and help organisations tell their stories via social media and other marketing tools.  I am a proud mum of two amazing young men.

I love music and theatre, it’s a real treat to experience live performances. I also love to walk in the countryside or by the sea in all weathers, it’s a joy being buffeted around by the wind on a hill or by the coast! I have recently revisited my art school background and done a life drawing class which was surprisingly enjoyable as I had thought maybe I would have forgotten how to draw! 


(he/ him)

I got into Boys in Mind after losing a very close friend through suicide. I felt this was important as we need to find more ways to get young people talking and being aware of the mental health issues happening and gaining support from each other.

In my free time I enjoy playing football and spending time with friends and family.


(he/ him)

I got involved with Boys in Mind because , like many others, I  have battled with issues with mental health and the stigma that comes with it about being “a man” “bottling it up” and not talking. Learning through my own experiences and coming out firmly on the other side, I want to support other individuals with their ongoing journeys within the mission and purpose of Boys in Mind.

I am 25 years old, married to my beautiful wife  for nearly a year now. I asked  her out at the age of 12 via an old communication platform known as MSN… I couldn’t be happier and my hobbies really lie around my day-to-day work and  socialising with my closest friends and family.


(he/ him)

When I first got involved with Boys in Mind I was on the way out of a depression and saw participation in one of the films as a good opportunity for closure on that part of my life. Little did I know it would be the beginning of something much bigger. Since then I have been on multiple advisory panels and helped plan events with the team. I am constantly amazed by the capacity for necessary, positive change offered by this strategy and eager to continue with this work as a youth advisor.

I hope to spread values of openness and compassion amongst my peers through my work as student mental health lead at Beechen Cliff school. Being able to understand and talk about our mental health is key to resolving any issues that may arise. I want to use my own experiences to help others who may be going through something similar to what I did because evidently these issues are widespread.

    In my free time I like to play, fix and make guitars. I also have strong family ties in Cornwall so if I’m not in my workshop then I’m hopefully on a beach!


(he/ him)

I became involved with Boys in Mind when I was in the Sixth Form at Beechen Cliff School in Bath, where I was working to improve mental health outcomes as the Student Lead of the Mental Health Team. The work I have done there has been incredibly rewarding, especially as I recognise on a personal level how difficult it can be for men and boys to seek support in times of need. I am pleased to say that we have made a considerable positive impact at the school.

I am thoroughly enjoying being involved with Boys in Mind, initially in helping to launch the film project, and now as a Youth Advisor, and I plan to continue this at university and spread our work further afield.

In my spare time I am often out walking my two black Labradors. Also, I have a passion for languages and I enjoy playing the guitar and reading.


(She/ her)

I am passionate about raising awareness and reducing  stigma surrounding mental health.

For the last 4 years I have been a part of the CAMHS Participation Team  in B&NES, as well as various other projects focusing around mental health including my school’s Equalities and Mental Health Awareness teams. I have spoken at conferences and at staff training sessions and have helped develop positive mental health resources for young people . I have been involved in Boys in Mind events and have spoken at their conferences.

When I’m not working, i enjoy spending time with my Labrador Retriever called Forrest.  I also love listening to music as well as watching crime, drama and comedy programmes.


(She/ her)

I co-ordinate after-school clubs and workshops to empower girls and young women at Mighty Girls CIC. I also work part-time at The Bath Studio School.   I am lucky to work with young people on a daily basis, and am passionate about helping them to recognise their unique skills and talents and to believe in themselves. I am thrilled to join the BIMGMT team.

I love spending time with my family.  I disconnect from work with music – either listening or dancing, or by losing myself in a good book.  I balance the highs and lows of life with regular yoga classes, and love the excitement travelling to new places brings. 


(He/ him)

I started getting involved in mental health work after going through difficult family events and coming out as gay. As a student of Beechen Cliff, I got involved in the mental health team, and have spoken about the importance of talking and how it can lead to love and acceptance for yourself and others. It is an honour to be a Youth Advisor for Boys in Mind and I really do feel it is important to break down gender stereotypes, especially those of talking about mental health in boys and men.
Outside of my mental health work, I love to play/listen to music and read fashion magazines!!


(She/ her)

I’m 19 years old and a second year drama student at Rose Bruford College London’s International drama school of theatre and performance.

I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to be involved in Boys in Mind/Girls Mind Too as I believe it gives young people a voice. Young people deserve a safe space where they can encourage and support each other and we can slowly work together to end the mental health stigma.

In my spare time I enjoy singing, dancing and acting, fashion, spending time with my family and friends and fitness as I am training to become a personal trainer.


(He/ him)

I’m Finn and I’m in Year 5 at Swainswick Primary School.  I’ve been working with Boys in Mind for 2 years and I’m very proud to have been made their first Primary Champion.  

Boys in Mind is important to me because I want to help people know how to open up about how they feel and that’s exactly what Boys in Mind does. When I first got involved, I wasn’t very confident, but the experience has made me feel better about myself and my confidence has grown so much.  

I live in Bath with my mum, dad and sister Eva. In my spare time, I like skateboarding,  playing with lego and being with my friends. 


(He/ him)

My name is Jackson and I am in Year 6 at Paulton Junior School. I have been involved with BIM since Year 4 and have made 3 films. I’m really pleased to be asked to be a primary champion. 

I think BIM is important because it helps you open up and talk about important topics to do with mental well being. 

In my spare time I like to build Lego, draw, climb and go camping. 

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