Mental Health Awareness 2023

Understanding Anxiety through films and guides

Boys in Mind has worked in collaboration with the Charlie Watkins Foundation and the Charlie Waller Trust to produce a series of videos in which children and young people talk about what they need from adults when they are experiencing emotional distress. Students from Beechen Cliff, Mendip Studio School, St Martin’s Garden Primary School and Combe Down Primary  School have been involved in the development of these short films,  which are intended for parents, carers, teachers and any adult working with young people. You can also access and download an accompanying guide which is for parents, carers, teachers and any other adults who support children and young people. 

We hope to increase young people’s awareness and understanding of anxiety through the films and the guide.

With thanks to –

• Combe Down Primary School • St Martin’s Garden Primary School • Beechen Cliff School • Mendip Studio School

The accompanying guide can be accessed below

Supporting Mental Health - Guide

Primary School Films


Play Video

One Thing...





Secondary School Films



How can adults help


What one thing?

How to get talking


May 2023

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