October 21 News

October 21 News

Who Can Help?

Georgie, Fedi and Andrew filming at Ralph Allen School

As part of the ongoing film project exploring a range of issues that affect mental health, BiM have just released their latest film called Who Can Help?  in which a group of students, Evie, Fedi, Summer, Georgie and Elysia from Ralph Allen School talk about the importance of having someone who is there for you. In the film they each discuss a significant male person in their lives and the difference it made to their outlook and ability to deal with issues. 

Youth Advisors Evie and Fedi were instrumental to the project, both in front of and behind the camera. They were key to organising the event, liasing with staff and students as well as and ensuring that everything came together on the day. Although less than 10 minutes long, this is a really excellent piece of work and well worth a watch. You can see the film on our film page, just click here.

Voices from the LGBTQ+ community

In our last news update (September 21) we put out a call for people to take part in the forthcoming BiM/ Off the Record youth led film to talk about mental wellbeing and being part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

On set with BiM, filming our LGBTQ+ and mental health film

Our call was answered and the filming took place in October with young people from across the B&NES area joining us to share their stories and experiences. It was a wonderful day for everyone involved, whether in front of or behind the camera or just being involved, everyone’s contribution was welcome. And after a hard day filming there were plenty of well-deserved homemade snacks afterwards! Thank you very much to everyone who took part and to OTR SPACE for the use of their office to film. We’ll be releasing the film in the coming months so keep an eye on our news page for further updates.

Nick Elston - In Conversation

Levi continues his Podcast series this month with a very interesting interview with Nick Elston, a motivational speaker and life coach, who helps people to tell their stories while managing their mental health issues. Nick’s work has seen him working with a variety of people both in the UK and abroad and he brings some wonderful insights and perspectives to the podcast. Together Levi and Nick discuss a range of issues that affect our mental health and Nick uses his professional experience to help distil problems to their essence as part of the process as well as some excellent advice that many of our listeners will find useful.

To listen to the podcast in full just click the following link. 

The "Root of it" Award Nomination

On Tuesday 26th October we attended the Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards with The Root Of It, an organisation which exists to help people get to the root of difficulties and overcome them. We were shortlisted in the category ‘Support during the Pandemic’ and we applied using our social media project #GTTT #GettingThroughThisTogether. This was BiM’s response to the Covid lockdown, encouraging the use social media and short films to enable people to keep in touch, share and interact during that difficult time. We’re so proud to have been nominated in a category where outstanding work has been done during the pandemic, and although we didn’t win, we’re honoured to be one of many organisations which all shine and deserve an award in different ways. You can catch up on the awards click here.

Q&A with Roger de Wolf

Roger de Wolf
Roger de Wolf talks to BiM

In the latest of our Role Model Q and A’s , Roger de Wolf talks about his long and varied career as a Play Worker, Social Worker, Probation Officer, Drugs Worker and now a Supervisor for Social Work Students. He emphasises the importance of listening and how this features in his work. One of his proudest achievements is the Men’s Group he set up 30 years ago – a lovely example of how men can and do communicate with each other. Roger also has some great advice, especially for young  (and older) men. Click here to read the full interview or click Role Models Q&A at the top of the page.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Will, our Youth Advisor and Astral, Primary School teacher at St Stephens talked to BBC Radio Somerset on their ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ show this month. They spoke about our new film Mindfulness at St Stephen’s Primary School, which we made in collaboration with our partner the national PSHE programme Jigsaw PSHE. In the film children, staff and parents talk about the positive benefits of mindfulness for mental well-being for children and young people. Mindfulness teaches children to focus on the present, to self-regulate to build self-awareness and self-esteem. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to feature on BBC Radio Somerset as a great platform to raise awareness of Mindfulness and of mental well-being for children and young people. Follow this link to go to the Radio Somerset website where there are a range of podcasts dealing with mental health issues.

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