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Our Boys in Mind film projects enable young people to be heard and also enable those who are filming to listen. Often we can’t or don’t need to provide advice or solutions but just listen and the camera is a great way of observing and recording without interfering.

Our Impact

We aim to reduce stigma around mental health, challenge unhelpful stereotypes, present positive images of boys and men, and ultimately reduce suicide.
The Boys In Mind/Girls Mind Too Impact Report shows what we are doing to meet those aims and highlights how we have grown to face the challenges of the last 12 months. Our impact can be seen in the sustainable changes that have been implemented by our partner schools, and in the accessibility and uniqueness of our online resources. Click below to read the most recent reports.

Project Soothe case study

The Concept
Looking at a beautiful and peaceful images can help soothe us and that sharing with others will improve mental health and wellbeing. 

Through academic research Prof. Stella Chan and colleagues from Edinburgh University created Project Soothe part of which includes an image bank of soothing images. We wanted to work with the children of Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Bath to explore this concept. Through engagement with a whole school approach we collected over 100 images from 70 individuals with a brief explanation of why they found their image soothing. 

Click on the link below to read the full case study

Film project case studies

Our aims at Boys in Mind are to reduce stigma around mental health, to challenge unhelpful stereotypes, to present positive images of boys and men and ultimately to reduce suicide

Our film projects enable young people to listen, to be heard, to work as a team, to learn new skills, to gain confidence and to contribute something purposeful to our Boys in Mind Strategy .
See below for case studies of the work we have done with schools and other settings .

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Parent & carer testimonials

"Being part of the Boys in Mind Initiative has helped Finn in so many ways. It has given him a sense of worth and his self esteem has improved greatly. He has learned new ways to communicate through working as part of a team with a range of different ages. His confidence has grown and he feels empowered through having had the chance to find his voice. The experience also gives Finn a reference point to remember what he is capable of. We are so grateful."

"Working with Boys in Mind has been a transformative experience for Alex on so many levels. Being involved with the Boys in Mind team has helped him to climb out of his deep depression and learn how to use it positively to help others. The Mental First Aid and Solution Focused training has been brilliant as not only does he have skills and knowledge to share with others, but it also has given him insight and strategies he uses for himself. Through Boys in Mind Alex has learnt the importance of being open and how to communicate sensitively and effectively. He has worked with people from all cross-sections of life - e.g. teachers, fellow pupils, health professionals, undergraduates - so developing an invaluable experience of teamwork . He has become active, out-going, undertaken leadership roles and engaged in many activities such as giving assemblies and arranging fund-raising events (which are also fun and help form friendships). Boys in Mind is a therapeutic community for all involved, including the team. I can never thank Boys in Mind enough for how, through their campaign to bring mental health to prominence, they have been a significant part in Alex's recovery and instrumental in helping him become an empathetic, dynamic and confident young man with a personal mission to promote mental well-being for the rest of his life."

“There are no limits to a parent’s love and concern when your child is struggling to cope. But sometimes there are limits to what you can do. You may be too close to the situation or you simply can’t find the right words at the right time. That is why we need charities like Boys In Mind. My son really benefitted from knowing he was not alone in finding it hard to open up about his feelings and ask for help. He was listened to and supported without judgement. And he has been able to repay his debt of gratitude volunteering with the charity to help other young minds. Keep up the great work!”

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