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Hope and altruism in 2020

Scientists say they have proved that doing good things for no personal gain can have an evolutionary advantage in the long run.
Whether or not these findings are true, I have certainly become more aware of an increase in selflessness and genuine concern for the wellbeing of others in our society.
It seems that, as we live through a time of bad news from around the globe, altruism is on the rise. Kindness and generosity seem more important than ever.
As we start this new decade, more people are talking about their feelings, especially men. We are developing a greater concern with our own inner selves, our mental health, and the feelings of those around us. This is all very positive stuff, and perhaps a reaction to the many issues that face us in today’s world.
In line with this, we are seeing a rise in certain practices that support a healthy and peaceful mind and body, such as breathwork therapy and yoga. If you’ve ever tried any breathwork or yoga, you may have been asked first to set your intention – this could be an attitude, a purpose or an aim that you’re proud to commit to.
These types of activities link well with the principles and values of solution-focused therapy, where we look at setting out a clear vision of a preferred future, an understanding that change is happening all the time, and that if we work together, we can generate ideas for positive solutions to our problems.
We’re also seeing a rise in giving, volunteering and support groups such as repair cafes, community sheds and lunch clubs. Those who offer their support to these kind of local services are really giving something back to their community.
And the biggest result of giving has to be a more compassionate society. 
So altruism is on the rise all around us, which is wonderful to see, and a powerful and natural human reaction in difficult times.
Our personal values are core, they make us who we are. If you always hold your values in your heart, this will make a difference.
Here’s to a positive and hopeful 2020.

Tara Gretton

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