What we do

Work with schools

We work with primary and secondary school staff to help them understand the issues around male suicide and mental health and the positive things which can be done as part of their mental health and well-being policies and practices for the whole school community.

We feel it is important for all the staff in a school to receive awareness-raising training so that a whole school approach can be developed. This is important as boys tell us that just small pockets of negativity can make it feel unsafe to talk.

We are developing films, assembly ideas and lesson activities that staff can use. These have been co-produced by young people, mainly boys and young men.

We are currently working with 4 secondary schools and 10 primary schools in the Bath & North East Somerset area with focus groups of young people in each school driving the work and helping us evaluate change.

Training events

We give presentations to teams and multi-agency groups at team meetings or training events to help them understand the issues, explore approaches and look at what works best in their school or setting. Young people, wherever possible, support us with this training.

Support us

If you would like to support us in any way please get in touch via the following emails:

If you would like to support our work please donate to our partner organisation Charlie Waller Trust and state specifically Boys in Mind / Girls Mind Too so that the funds will be transferred to the Boys in Mind budget.

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